Opportunity Continues. Ten Years and Counting

Go for it! Elevate! Take the first step towards growth and prosperity. Join the Sinag network and gain a community of like-minded social entrepreneurs with similar passions and goals.

In its tenth year, the BPI Sinag program continues to think of ways to elevate its impact on social enterprises not just from a capacity building perspective but through a multi-stakeholder approach.

The BPI Sinag Social Entrepreneurship Challenge is an annual search for social entrepreneurs whose enterprises are ready to scale-up and expand, while deepening their impact in community development. The program is intended for social entrepreneurs, community and advocacy-based businesses, whose endeavors focus on business models that address social and environmental problems, particularly in agribusiness, education, health, energy, technology, and other marginalized sectors across the archipelago. The program shall continue to focus on promoting business resiliency.

The program is composed of three phases: search, learn, and boost. It opens up various opportunities to allow the chosen participants to grow, giving them access to grants and mentorship. The program also ensures to build up its intellectual capital through case study developments of the social enterprises that will serve as future learnings of aspiring social entrepreneurs.

One of the major components of this program is the creation and organization of a NATIONAL SOCIAL ENTERPRISE REGISTRY which will serve as a precursor to the creation of a national movement, with a pool of social entrepreneurs advocating for building the nation from below. The Sinag SE Registry hopes to build a stronger network of social enterprises through a streamlined database of SEs.

To join the Social Enterprise HUB, you can use this link:


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Application deadline is on August 6, 2024 at 11:59 PM.