The first steps in advocacy are interaction and discussion. Let us have gatherings and conversations on social entrepreneurship and national development. Let us create ways to even be better.

Let us learn and work together.

This 2024, BPI Sinag aims to increase engagement and networks with three (3) key sectors in the social enterprise ecosystem: Social Entrepreneurs, Educators, and SE Intervenors or development-minded organizations in both the public and private sector.

Online events will be held where important trends, challenges and opportunities for the social enterprise ecosystem will be discussed.

These will serve both as a means to create a venue for discussion of relevant concerns and an avenue to network and get to know different institutions and partner communities in the Philippines. These events can showcase the existing social enterprise alumni, educators and intervenors recognized in the past runs and other insights gathered in the monitoring and evaluation results.

This will likewise inform the BPI Sinag team about the needs that need to be addressed for these sectors and the possible content for succeeding programs for educators and social enterprise intravenous.

These events will provide insight on how to level up  the Social Entrepreneurship Challenge, BPI Sinag for Educators and BPI Sinag for Intervenors Programs that will be held in the succeeding years.